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The Promise and Circumscribed Potential of Worker-Owned Businesses
Are women to be blamed for

While our prolonged economic downturn is concentrating power and wealth in fewer and fewer hands, it is also stimulating efforts to create more democratic business models. Today’s Financial Times highlights an increased interest in worker cooperatives, with the Basque’s Mondragon as the model. From a June article in the Guardian:

MC [Mondragon Corporatio] is composed of many co-operative enterprises grouped into four areas: industry, finance, retail and knowledge. In each enterprise, the co-op members (averaging 80-85% of all workers per enterprise) collectively own and direct the enterprise. Through an annual general assembly the workers choose and employ a managing director and retain the power to make all the basic decisions of the enterprise (what, how and where to produce and what to do with the profits)… In short, MC worker-members collectively choose, hire and fire the directors, whereas in capitalist enterprises the reverse occurs. One of the co-operatively and democratically adopted rules governing the MC limits top-paid worker/members to earning 6.5 times the lowest-paid workers. Nothing more dramatically demonstrates the differences distinguishing this from the capitalist alternative organization of enterprises. (In US corporations, CEOs can expect to be paid 400 times an average worker’s salary – a rate that has increased 20-fold since 1965.)…

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Yitzhak Tyler, the chief of undercover

2010-04-13 13:23:02 by Djinn

Activities for the Haifa police, is a big, open-faced man who doesn't mince words.
"We got a hell of a problem on our hands," he said. The port city of 200,000 has become the easiest entryway for women brought to Israel to work as prostitutes--though by no means the only one. Sometimes they walk off tour boats, but increasingly they come with forged documents that enable them to live and w...br /> Always filled with half-naked Russian women, the club is open around the clock. There is a schedule on the wall next to
the receptionist--with each woman's hours listed in a different color, and the days and shifts rotating, as at a restaurant or
a bar.

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