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Ukranian-Canadian artist Taras Polataiko's Sleeping Beauty installation in the National Art Museum of Ukraine !

Like something out of a Scientology marriage ritual ceremony, unmarried dudes who are 18 or over can go to the National Art Museum of the Ukraine and sign a contract that binds them to marry the "Sleeping Beauty" if she opens her eyes after he kisses her on the lips. Dear Tommy Girl, direct your hover pod to take you directly to the Ukraine and use your telekinesis powers to open up Sleeping Beauty's eyelids, because that's a girl who believes in fairytales (see: Xenu and Thetans) and who respects the sanctity of a contract!

Taras tells The Daily Telegraph that until September 9th, wannabe Prince Charmings (or creepy ass perverts who just want to put their lips on the lips of a real-life human woman who isn't a Real Doll aka every dude in this clip) must sign a contract confirming that their unmarried asses are at least 18 years old and that they will legally marry Sleeping Beauty if she opens her eyes. Each Sleeping Beauty, they rotate, signs the same contract. Taras says this mess of an art piece isn't a joke and it a very serious matter, because a legal marriage is involved! Yes, marriage is a serious matter. Kim Kuntrashian taught us that.

Source: Dlisted - Be Very Afraid

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More Summer Reading!!

2001-08-03 18:43:04 by hollywoodman667

A Misstep Gets You the (Wagging) Finger
Drove too fast? Let the dog bark? You're in for a public shaming, Golden Gate style.
For shame
(RICK SEALOCK / For The Times)
Jul 27, 2001
Times Headlines
• The Anarchists Next Door
• The Anarchists Next Door
• What's Good Enough for the Couch Is Good Enou...e bastion of California-style tolerance.
But someone needs to set standards for the state that sets the standards. If not this place, which? If not incessantly, when?
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a d v e r t i s i n g
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