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What Kind of Guys Do Ukrainian Girls Like?
When you find hot Russian

Once men sign up on HotRussianBrides.com, some think they'd have no chance of meeting (much less marrying!) any of the ladies whose profiles they're perusing. Many of them look like models so guys can only assume that they'd want a companion whose physical qualities are comparable.

However, Russian and Ukrainian women do focus more on intrinsic attributes when searching for a mate.

Often times the first thing a woman will want her future husband to have is a sense of humor. While they may look sexy and serious in their photos, Russian girls love to laugh and let loose every once in a while. Men are encouraged to break the ice by telling a cute joke or funny story. 

Another thing she'll notice right away is a man's confidence level; the higher it is, the more attractive he will appear to her. Confident men will take charge and let a lady know that she'll be taken care of. Also, confidence is good to have in case guys get rejected (which everyone does). It's easier to bounce right back and meet a new Russian bride.

With confidence usually comes a positive attitude and ladies find that very sexy as well. A man who always looks at the bright side of things and keeps his conversations light and fun are usually the ones who attract the most girls... and keep them coming back! 

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  • Avatar Vic I am a russian living in NZ i am turning 17 soon :) do czech,polish,hungarian girls like russian guys?
    Jan 22, 2009 by Vic | Posted in Other - Cultures & Groups

    I am wondering of hoping to date a girl from eastern europe when im older besides from russia,ukraine,belarussia , because i find girls from those countries very hot, i am also interested cause of learning different cultu …sh,czech and hungraian girls find russian boys attractive? do they hate russians? i personally would wanna visit one of these countries and find a loving wife.. what do czech,hungraian,polish girls think of russian guys?

    • No offence, but every Russian man I have met has been a bigot. I am not generalising but from my experiences they have been insensitive, very aggressive, controlling, moody and even violent sometimes. One I dated long ter …". Yuck. Most of them (not all, I'm sure there are sweet ones) should grow up and be a REAL MAN for once. I have european blood but I would be hesitant to date a Russian again without getting to know his personality.