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Customers are talking and talking, gesticulating, and blushing. Angelica, russians little girls, a quick glance at the table at which sat a stranger.

A bottle of Burgundy was barely, he was absolutely lrezv.- That an omelet, which I ate a few days ago, - the stranger - was absolutely similar to the present. Who is preparing an omelet last time? Thinking Angelica remembered that on the day she cooked an omelet unfortunate.-R-I am very glad that you appreciated my "humble art. - Angelica, russians sexy women, for the second time curtsied. - The one I cooked an omelette.The man stood up.- Oh babe, your husband is so happy, that can have such meal. I want to ask the recipe and write off the cooking.They sat down, filled their glasses.- So, for dating, a wonderful cook. Angelica suggested the practical mind that thisa rich client can bring their familiar friends, and they, in turn, - its own."The main thing - to create a clientele of an institution, " - she thought to herself.A client wrote, word for word recipe for an omelette. When they finished, he exclaimed:

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Lets confress stuff.

2005-08-22 10:00:03 by Anon4this-

I've found myself joining a porn site that includes "video chat rooms" with semi-naked women responding to juvenile comments from men and boys across the world.
The worst part is how I use it. I find a particularly cute model and leave her chat room on the screen as I pay my bills or do whatever.
Somewhere, a Russian model ( probably employed by the mob) is spending her day in front ...am, mugging to the camera and occasionally showing a nipple to encourage some teenager in France to pay for a private session.
And part of the reason she's there is so my house doesn't seem so empty when my wife's gone. That's pitiful.
At least I'm not turning to Fox News for comfort.
Also, I am engaged in internet conversation, i use "lol" when I really don't "laugh out loud."

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  • Avatar Vic I am a russian living in NZ i am turning 17 soon :) do czech,polish,hungarian girls like russian guys?
    Jan 22, 2009 by Vic | Posted in Other - Cultures & Groups

    I am wondering of hoping to date a girl from eastern europe when im older besides from russia,ukraine,belarussia , because i find girls from those countries very hot, i am also interested cause of learning different cultu …sh,czech and hungraian girls find russian boys attractive? do they hate russians? i personally would wanna visit one of these countries and find a loving wife.. what do czech,hungraian,polish girls think of russian guys?

    • No offence, but every Russian man I have met has been a bigot. I am not generalising but from my experiences they have been insensitive, very aggressive, controlling, moody and even violent sometimes. One I dated long ter …". Yuck. Most of them (not all, I'm sure there are sweet ones) should grow up and be a REAL MAN for once. I have european blood but I would be hesitant to date a Russian again without getting to know his personality.