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Going round the arbor, I finally dared to look into it. Arbour was empty. There was no one there. I called out: " Russian women Laura!" - At first quietly, then louder. No one came, no one responded. Apparently, the only person in the vicinity of the lake and the park was myself.

My heart was pounding with excitement, but I did not give himand began to look first to the arbor, and then around her - notfind are any signs that russian women Laura reallywas here. In the gazebo, I did not find anything, but I saw the outsidefootprints in the sand.Prints in the sand were two pairs of legs - big men and small traces. I put my foot on a little and saw that it was the traces of russian women Laura. At one point, near the gazebo, on closer inspection, I noticed a hole in the sand - it was quite obvious that someone's done a deepening of his hands. I started looking for signs of further, wanting to know in which direction they went.The traces were left of the gazebo, to the edge of the park, and then disappeared. Assuming that the people whose tracks I saw in the sand, came here in the woods, I began to look for a footpath. At first I did not notice it, but then found. I walked along the trail almost to the village, then this path has crossed another. I turned and saw her on one of the bushes framing the track, a piece of fringe from the women's shawls. I took it, saw that Laura was held here, and moved on. To my delight, the path led me straight to the house. To my joy, for I am convinced that

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And to my wild women: Good Vibrations Reopens!

2003-02-10 06:40:15 by PozGuy30

Hope you all had fun if you went:
The Empire strikes back. Good Vibes can put another notch in its belt as it gathers up its dildos and heads to Russian Hill to open another GV spot. The Grand Opening boasts the usual sex positive tattoo and pierced butch and femme crew. Saturday's special appearances include erotic tarot reader Jessica Lanyadoo and DJ Anita Lofton spinning house, trance and hip-hop in the afternoon; Oakland's homo-hop crew Deep Dickollective takes over from 6-­7 p.m. But if it;s bootie you're after, head down before 6 p.m. on Sunday, when Good Vibes raffles off a $250 Valentine's Day gift basket.

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  • Avatar Vic I am a russian living in NZ i am turning 17 soon :) do czech,polish,hungarian girls like russian guys?
    Jan 22, 2009 by Vic | Posted in Other - Cultures & Groups

    I am wondering of hoping to date a girl from eastern europe when im older besides from russia,ukraine,belarussia , because i find girls from those countries very hot, i am also interested cause of learning different cultu …sh,czech and hungraian girls find russian boys attractive? do they hate russians? i personally would wanna visit one of these countries and find a loving wife.. what do czech,hungraian,polish girls think of russian guys?

    • No offence, but every Russian man I have met has been a bigot. I am not generalising but from my experiences they have been insensitive, very aggressive, controlling, moody and even violent sometimes. One I dated long ter …". Yuck. Most of them (not all, I'm sure there are sweet ones) should grow up and be a REAL MAN for once. I have european blood but I would be hesitant to date a Russian again without getting to know his personality.