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Ukrainian & Russian Dating Scams: Information You Need to Know

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Russian and Ukrainian dating scams take in tens of millions of dollars each year and most of the victims are men. These scammers are ruthless people who are ripping people off by selling elaborate fantasy stories to unsuspecting men. They know what they are doing and how to get the naive victim to fall for the bait. When the scam is over, the unfortunate victim is left still lonely but with less money.

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Russian dating expert and owner of Elena’s Models Elena Petrova says that

men using online dating sites regularly receive emails from ‘Russian women’ offering friendship, love and marriage. Most users simply disregard such emails but some people are curious and can be sucked in.

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Online Dating Scams Affect 99 Percent Of Male Users Of Internet Personals, Millions Of Dollars Are Lost To Fake ‘Russian Women’

The only real thing in the whole story is the money that a man sends to someone in Russia. The people receiving the money often don’t know they are part of a fraud scheme; they simply get a small fee for each transfer they receive. Once someone reports the fraud and the name is black listed by wire transfer companies, the criminals find someone else to receive the money for them.

Source: Ukrainian Dating Blog

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    • No offence, but every Russian man I have met has been a bigot. I am not generalising but from my experiences they have been insensitive, very aggressive, controlling, moody and even violent sometimes. One I dated long ter …". Yuck. Most of them (not all, I'm sure there are sweet ones) should grow up and be a REAL MAN for once. I have european blood but I would be hesitant to date a Russian again without getting to know his personality.