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On 21st February 2012 at a time when Russia was in the midst of a bitterly fought Presidential election campaign five young women who are members of a group or collective that calls itself Pussy Riot performed what has been called a “punk prayer” in the area near the Altar of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in central Moscow. A film was made of the performance presumably by other members of the group and has been uploaded onto YouTube where it can still be seen. As was the case with the group’s other performances the five young women were dressed in brightly coloured clothes and balaclavas concealing their faces but with their arms and shoulders bare. The film of the performance shows that during the performance some of the women kicked their legs into the air in a revealing way.

Most accounts of the performance claim that the “punk prayer” was a prayer to the Virgin Mary “to take Putin away”. This has however been disputed at the current trial of three of the women involved with suggestions from some of the witnesses that the comments about Putin were added later to the film that has appeared on YouTube. It is not disputed that the “punk prayer”, accompanied to riotous music and dance, was filled with expletives and profanities and used grossly scatological language. Nor is it disputed that its last section was an obscene parody of the Christian liturgical hymn the Sanctus, substituting the word “shit” for the word “holy”, or that the “punk prayer” criticised the leader of the Russian Orthodox Church, the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, whom it called a “bitch” (Russian suka).

Source: Mercouris

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