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Yes, yes, she said russian women. - It was good to me once, th ... helped me - she whispered in the ear of his girlfriend.
otes how! - Mrs. Clemens said in surprise. - Of course, this changes everything. I'm sorry, I'm so rude razgova-Riva with you, sir, but you must admit that from the outside it looked suspicious. I blame myself more than you do: indulge her idea, and let go of it in such a desolate place. Come on, darling, let's go home now.
It seemed to me that the good woman was afraid to go back to the farm at such an hour, and I offered to carry them through the wilderness. Mrs. Clemens thanked him, but refused, saying that they are on the road, perhaps, met with the farm workers.
- Excuse me, please! - I said, when Anna Katerik took the hand of his girlfriend to leave.
51 was so far from the intention to frighten and disturb her. My heart ached when I looked into her sad, pale-ing, anxious face.
- I will try - meet russian women. - But you know too much. I think now I'll always be afraid of you.
Mrs. Clemens gave me a quick glance and shook her head sympathetically. - Good night, sir,

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Rutgers University Press Peeling Potatoes, Painting Pictures: Women Artists in Post-Soviet Russia, Estonia, and Latvia. The First Decade
Book (Rutgers University Press)

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