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In the evening they drank coffee with Claudio in his cozy living room, and Kamil told her husband about the events of the day. Knowing his wife, he smiled and remarked with irony that she, like Nat Pinkerton, uses every opportunity to keep abreast of affairs at home Lombardo.- And what I heard, it was not funny, Klaudio. Believe me! - She was offended by a joke my husband. - Antonio said he did not want to remain in the house of a man whose wanted to kill him.- Is it true? - Brightened my husband.- Yes, it is true, then Oscar said Raquel, free sexy russian girls criminal. Antonio, of course, denied this and said that he would not allow her ill-treated.- So, Oscar and said Raquel a criminal? - Yeah, yeah, that's right, Claudio. And added that there is no doubt.- And who was referring to Antonio, when he talked about a man who wanted to kill him? - I did not hear ... And soon, Antonio came out. I then asked the others what had happened, but they have nothing I did not say. They were such a person! Claudio ... Antonio went to Raquel and again went into the office. He was called Pablo Martinez of Guadalajara. Raquel, erotic russian girls was not herself, as if ashamed of something. Victoria and Oscar with her not talking. And Max was still looking at her. So looking! ..

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Leftovers - 3

2009-09-11 10:19:06 by Swann

Two weeks later, High Tea and Memory
My little Zakuski,” murmured the Baron
as he nibbled gently on his wife’s earlobe, completely oblivious to the selvaggina tartufato beneath a molehill of truffles, which Renata had slaved over for what they always facetiously referred to as High Tea.
“I am not your little Russian hors d’ouevre,” Renata pouted, removing herself from his emb...Ordine dei Cavalieri del Tartufo e dei Vini d’Alba - the Order of the Knights of the Truffle and the Wines of Alba. The huge stone room where later (the uncles long snoring in their beds except Uncle Salvatore, who had passed out in the arms of his mistress at their trysting spot in the vinyards), the two young people had offered each other something sweeter than wine and earthier than truffles.

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