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I have read and thought about how to fire - for it. And I served as a clerk in the office was a small, thin and pale, and burned all that, what I read. And we talked with her about everything - from Plato to Timbuktu. We were very well-read-culture in the district. I was madly in love with her - loved her. I melted like a candle. And russian women loved me. But a secret between us, the serpent had sex. In it he somehow did not exist, at least, was not where it should be. I lost weight and went crazy more and more. Finally I told her that we must become "lovers." I convinced her. And she lost. I was passionate, but she never wanted this. She loved me - she liked me to talk to her about the high matters, and kissed her - in this sense, she felt a real passion for me. But another is simply not wanted. And wom...le thing. I despised it! I wanted to find a woman who would like me and would like it. It was then that there was Bertha Coutts When I was a boy, they lived next to us, and I knew them. They were quite ordinary people. Bertha was leaving somewhere, and she said she went to a lady companion, but the rest said that it served as a maid in a hotel. Anyway, just when this second woman utterly disgusted me, Bert returned - coquette, in fashionable dresses, some blooming, blossoming sense, however sometimes there are women. I was ready to murder. I threw my service: I thought I was starting to turn into a pale seaweed - there, in the office. And I became a blacksmith here in russian women. This was the work of my father and I always helped him. I liked working in the smithy, I love horses. And I threw a good English speaking and began again to speak russian women. I still continued to read books at home, but I became a blacksmith, and I have had his own horse, and all I did not care!

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I emailed a personal ad woman a few days ago

2005-06-29 23:24:29 by Testikular

She wrote back today, with some standing copy as the title, and a copy of what I'd written to her in the body of the message, but nothing else.
Seems weird to me.
Plus, there's a ton of those profesionally photographed images with women who have their city as San Francisco, but email addresses in Russia, saying they speak English and Russian, and ad copy that, if you search for it, is on "Russian Bride Blacklist" email sites.
It's bad, and fake.

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russian women blacklist
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