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Glass, he carefully took upstairs. Removing all, he sat by the fire. '"Did you love your wife? " - Russian women asked. "He loved - he answered. - You love Sir Clifford? 'But Connie did not want to give up. "But russian women liked you? " - She insisted. "Like it? " - He smiled. "Maybe she still likes you? " - She said. "I - his eyes wide open. - Oh, no, I can not think of it, " - he said quietly. "Why? " He shook his head. "Then why do not you divorce? Because she can get back to you one day" - said Connie. "It will not work and the extra mile for me. She hates me more than I did." "You'll see - it will appear." "Never. With it's over. I'm sick for at least one of its kind!" "You'll see it. And you will not even tried to file a petition for divorce? " "No". "Well, then she comes back, and you have t...like a stranger everywhere, and I had to return home. Man - a poor leaf that whirls in the wind. But you're right. I should get a divorce, and finally free from it. I mortally hate all these laws and institutions. But I have to get a divorce. I divorce. "And she saw that he was determined to do it. And in my heart it was all lit up. "I think I'll drink a cup of tea now, " - she said. He got up to make tea. But his face was grim and hard. When they sat down, she asked him: "Why did you marry her? She was much lower than you, you are not worth it. Mpc. Bolton told me about it. She could never understand why you married this woman. "He looked at her. "I'll tell you - he said. - The first girl that I started - when I was sixteen years old - was the daughter of a schoolteacher in russian women. She was very pretty, just beautiful. I was considered a clever young man, he knew little French and German and was very confident. She was a "romantic" young lady and hated all the "simple."

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2006-01-14 00:02:25 by beemo_

Those are probably spammers. There are some porn spammers on Match, and I have also seen Russian and African "marriage services" that post questionable profiles.
Think about it, if Match were padding, wouldn't they use pictures of people, to make their site seem enticing? Why would they write a skeptical profile like this (from an actual multi-listed profile in San Francisco):
Hello...turous person with good sence of humor. I guess it is impossible to know about me only by a few sentences, so you ca write me and we shall get to know each other better if you wish.
Notice the bad spelling - indicative of foreign chicks. Anyway, I've used Match for a year and aside from the occasional Russian spammer, have not had problems. I've talked to dozens of real live women.

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