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- I can not believe Antonio, what you say is sincere. It can not be. Once you're back home and met a woman who said she was your wife. You did not choose it, not loved her, ever saw her. And now, suddenly, telling me all these things. If we had met under different circumstances...- The circumstances of unusual, I agree, Rachel, russian panty girls. But we have already seen, we have many days together, I know your character, you told me about their problems ... So why, tell me, I can not feel something for you? - I, I ... I do not know! - Honestly it was not in a position to resist the hands and lips Antonio, responded to his hot kiss.
After talking with Antonio and Raquel, Victoria, sexy nude russian women and decided to talk with Maximiliano, although the decision was worth it: with him has always been difficult to explain. No, it certainly does not know everything, I thought Senor Lombardo, otherwise how to explain the anger with which Antonio dropped to Max when he violated his own words, he returned to Acapulco, promising shortly before going abroad.

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Excellent (long) Story on Bin Ladin

2001-11-19 07:40:35 by newshound

This may be a keeper folks, you may want to cut and paste it in your email if you can.
November 18, 2001
Long Before Sept. 11, Bin Laden Aircraft Flew Under the Radar
Osama bin Laden built a shadow air force to support his terrorist activities, using Afghanis... withdrew the jets to hangars at an airfield near the city of Herat. The move provided no shelter. U.S. bombers struck at the Herat field repeatedly in search of 'legitimate targets,' Navy Adm. John D. Stufflebeem said.
Former Afghan civil air officials said Ariana's fleet no longer exists.
'The [Herat] airport,' exulted a former Afghan civil air official, 'is now flattened.'

CHEEZY Frauleins In Uniform

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