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It has long existed in Russia craving for luxury and glamor. Russian luxury – it is breaking mirrors, bottles of expensive champagne, a massive binge, black caviar and Gypsies. For a long time in the Soviet period, we were unable to show off, and deliciously. Party style, which was considered the most chic, was neeffektnym and ascetic.

Our desire for luxury – this Asian thirst for gold, to diamonds, the furs, the beautiful women, the flavors of good food, expensive cars, luxurious furniture. This is confirmed by the desire to deluxe global sales: 27% of world exports of luxury is in Russia, 27% in the Emirates, and only 20% goes to China. And when you consider the number of Russian tourists who come for shopping in the UAE, it is clear that in our country settles all 35% of the world of luxury. After all, only three boutiques in Moscow, Cartier. In Moscow alone, two boutique Hermes. In Paris alone! You know what I mean?

Europe for a Russian – a podium of their achievements. And many Russian ladies, going to Milan, Paris, London, carry with them the most, most, because they think that there is someone that can still be surprised. And here they are – in a stunning Chanel boots and shoes, Prada, Hermes bags, or a Louis Vuitton, in a wonderful dress Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci. That’s a no walks. Neither in Milan nor Paris nor in London one brand is not, because it is considered a sign of vulgarity. If what you are wearing, easily recognizable, it means that you have no taste or you are Russian. If you have too many decorations during the day and you think that going to the Petrovsky Passage – the main event in your life, this is mauvais ton.

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