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- Wait a minute! I met Rachel, amatuer russian girls, when she arrived here. She told me all we have to communicate, fall in love ... What is this strange? - That's it!- For you, maybe. And for me it is perfectly normal. And I advise you not to tell Antonio that Raquel, attractive russian women expecting a baby, and he can get it back.- Even if he finds that the child is not his? - Kamila almost laughed in his face.- Of pride Raquel can say that from him.- Now she and pride come from? - Camilla made no secret of ridicule - and why you say that it is your child? She told you? - Of course.- And what do you think? - This is my business. You wanted to Raquel, ancient russian women went out to ma ¬? She left. The rest does not concern you! - Maximiliano angry.Kamila came to him very closely and calmly, as the case for it under a judgment, said:- There is one thing that concerns me. Antonio would not say it to the police, so as not to compromise you. It will require a divorce. But because of the marriage contract, they own all the property together, she shall have half of our state. And I do not have it! So tell Raquel, attractive russian ladies: if she had thought of coming literary manager ¬ put our property, even if minimal cha ¬ Stu, I'll go to the police, and I do not care if you find yourself involved in this business! Prior to the meeting.

Source: Women Russian Georgia

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World’s strongest vagina lifts 31 pounds

2009-07-19 18:56:56 by spaceplane

Novosibirsk, Russia -- 42 year-old Tatiata Kozhevnikova broke her own Guinness Record by hefting a glass ball attached to 14-kgs (about 31 pounds) of weight with her vagina muscles. Kozhenikova's success didn't happen overnight, but through fifteen years of rigorously training her world class vagina.
"After I had a child, my intimate muscles got unbelievably weak," she said via a bad Russi...n Dao and learned that ancient women used to deal with this problem using wooden balls. I looked around, saw a Murano glass ball and inserted it in my vagina. It took me ages to get it out!"
Tatiata now trains with exercise balls made custom for her fierce vagina. A string and hook are attached to the balls, allowing more weight to be added as her vagina becomes ever stronger.


2006-07-13 22:16:47 by mildly_curious

It is easier for young Bedouin men to make connections with young Jewish women.
With them, the obstacles of language, religion and tribe are broken down.
Israeli permissiveness has permeated the Bedouin sector and undermined ancient norms.
It is easier for a young Bedouin to become friendly with a young Jewish woman than with a young Bedouin woman.
There has been a revo...want ritual baths, he wants her, and nothing more.
It's easier for minority groups to establish connections between themselves.
The rejected parties find a common language and create a new reality that cuts across national, racial and political differences.
Coexistence is not only in the romantic realm.
... there is also very extensive collaboration in criminal realms.

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Media Storehouse Photo Jigsaw Puzzle of Siberian Tartar woman and a Russian Mongol couple from North Wind Picture Archives
Toy (Media Storehouse)
  • PHOTO JIGSAW PUZZLE This Photo Puzzle features a cropped image of Siberian Tar... couple chosen by North Wind Picture Archives. Estimated image size 356x254mm.
  • 10x14 Photo Puzzle with 252 pieces. Packed in black cardboard box of dimension...le image 5x7 affixed to box top. Puzzle pieces printed on RA4 paper at 300 dpi
  • Image Description: Siberian Tartar woman and a Russian Mongol couple. Siberian...ple (right) of Russia in their traditional clothing Antique hand-colored print
  • For any queries regarding this image of Siberian Tartar woman and a Russian Mo...rth Wind Picture Archives c/o Media Storehouse quoting Media Reference 5881431
  • Image of Siberian Tartar woman and a Russian Mongol couple is supplied by North Wind Picture Archives. © North Wind Picture Archives
#4 NW Folklife 2009 bishnutz on drum set with Juliana & PAVA singing Ancient Russian Polyphonic Folk Songs Many people, both in Russia and
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