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Russian Army Surplus
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Russian Army Surplus

Putting emphasis and significance on their military, the Russian Federation ensure that quality gear, caps, uniforms, hats, and other necessities are produced.

Because of this high production of military goods, it is no wonder that there are a lot of Russian army surplus stores across the country.

In tune with ensuring military strength and protecting national security, the Russian government regularly orders military products to satisfy every personnel’s need for quality gear. This results in huge army surplus, which can also be traced to a certain story.

Sometimes, manufacturers over-produce items due to problems with the order. For instance, a factory produced 5 million and ten thousand hats, but the original order was only 5 million hats.

Since the excess hats won’t surely be paid for by the Russian government, the factory would need to sell those items in order to prevent any loss in the production. So, the factory would open a store to offer these products to the public, especially those civilians who have an interest in this area.

Selling excess products to the public is the best way to prevent capital loss. In fact, any kind of product can be sold to the public at a cheaper price if the production is too much. This method puts the company in control of the expenses and profit is still secured.

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2007-04-22 19:05:48 by SocialistvsFree

The socialist in Canada with their Universal healthcare don't want private healthcare in Canada. Those are the same investors that are going into Panama and improving the healthcare down there.
Trump is one of the biggest investors in Panama which is buying all the water front properties and selling the condos to Americans there. The land is not the Panama government building low income ho...inding a wife in the US and he might have stood a better chance of finding one if he had a good job with insurance.
If you don't understand my English now then let me repeat it and go on with more. No problem. I can try it in French, Spanish, Russian or in liberalize I am a victim language. Help me! I've Fallen and I can't get up. Call the government. I can't do it without the government.


2001-10-31 13:51:25 by THE_CONFEDERATE_MACK

Lately, there’s been a lot of bitches on the TV Monitor telling you about America this and America that, and hyping you up to kill towelheads and max your credit cards and blah blah blah. All of that is nonsense. I understand things better than most, because I abuse painkillers and zone out in the backyard on a stump of wood under the Universe’s Stars & Moonbeam and suck down Oms and vibe on thi...es around. Being American is supposed to be about being free. You get freedom by sending out freedom. Don’t put the vise grips on anybody else, unless you don’t mind that coming back on you. And if shitty stuff happens to you, learn from it. Or at least get a funny story to tell around a bonfire while sharing a plastic traveler’s bottle of Jim Beam with some other dudes.
God Bless you all.


2007-12-17 15:01:06 by amaxen

On the propaganda issue -- it's difficult for people to believe nowadays what the government did as part of the propaganda effort -- lots of 'black' propaganda, with stuff like accounts of the hun bayonetting babies and etc. There was the 'kick a datschund' campaign, and so on.
There were lots of jailings of anti-war protestors and jailings of ordinary people for being overheard grumbling...it's pretty clear how Wilson's wife ended up running things -- no one was allowed in Wilson's room. His wife would take state papers into his room, and then emerged with them signed in her handwriting, not his. And say things like 'Mr. Wilson told me he wanted X done'.... to his cabinet members. Again, this is simplifying, but all in all, I'd put up Wilson's as the most deceptive administration.

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