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Drunk Driver Kills Two People, His Passenger Dances Next to Them
Drunk Driver Kills Two People, His Passenger Dances Next to Them

A group of intoxicated Russians travelled in a Subaru driven by a particularly drunk dude at high rate of speed down a road in the Nizhny Novgorod region of Russia and crashed into a Niva (old Russian SUV) parked on the roadside, overturning it on its roof, killing two people inside – a husband and his wife. All passengers in the Subaru survived but in spite of the tragedy which they had caused, upheld their festive mood and joked around. After the cops and a TV crew showed up, one of the Subaru passengers – a young girl posed for the camera next to the bodies they killed by performing a creepy dance and taunted the cameraman with “How shall I pose? Shall I stand like this? Or maybe like this? What I shall do next? ”

Props to Best Gore member Heinz Kissinger for the video:

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Kino Video Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears
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E. Eroupean Marriage Agencies

2001-02-08 20:11:15 by Alenushka

Oh for crying outloud! Do you really have to be this stupid. This agencies exploit people on both ends. Poor women think that their life in US will be great, and fat American looser invisions some Poland or Russian docile beauty serving him dinner in his meager shack. Needles to say, that both dream come crushing down. Read a book called Wedded Stranger on this sad subject

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pretty much what the title says. unfortunately I have no idea where this version of the song came from
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