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Seventeen beheaded by Taliban for mixed-sex dancing

The horrors of extreme Islam cannot be exaggerated. Reuters reports today a horrible mass murder in Afghanistan, occasioned by—dancing!

Fifteen men and two women were found beheaded in Afghanistan’s southern Helmand province on Monday, punishment meted out by Taliban insurgents for a mixed-sex party with music and dancing, officials said.

The bodies were found in a house near the Musa Qala district, about 75 km (46 miles) north of the provincial capital Lashkar Gah, said district governor Nimatullah, who only goes by one name.

“The victims threw a late-night dance and music party when the Taliban attacked” on Sunday night, Nimatullah told Reuters.

There were no immediate claims of responsibility.

In ultra-conservative Afghanistan, men and women do not usually mingle unless they are related, and parties involving both genders together are rare and highly secretive affairs.

I hope that, out of mercy, the murdering thugs shot the victims before beheading them, for having one’s head severed with a knife is a slow and horrible way to die. I’ve watched one video of such a murder, and it still haunts me.

Seventeen deaths—seventeen families and groups of friends in mourning, all because one religion mandates murder for dancing with someone of the opposite sex.

Source: Why Evolution Is True

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