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Ass Cams and the somewhat gradual decline of civilization
Fat ugly woman with bag

Too many guys (yours truly, included) tend to fixate on the Ugly and the Lesbian. We have this freaky habit of treating them as harbingers of a modern female dystopia.

Read Chateau or any other MRA site and you will see. Ugly, fat women are painted as the scourge of modern civilization. If the downfall of our society could be pinpointed to any one "type, " it would be the fat, ugly woman. Chateau, et al, make a franchise of harboring groups of allies around the rejection of such women en masse. They don’t stop with the fat chicks. It’s all self-congratulatory bullshit because by "downvoting" the plain, normal woman in such an excruciating display of high-school level cruelty, men act as if they are asserting some fleeting sense of power. The problem is, it is at the expense of everyday women who are the least inclined to truly wield any gender-revolutionizing or boardroom po...any of her physical attributes.

In fact, the women I work with who ascend to "upper" levels of management, regardless of whether they are hot or not, have one conspicuous thing in common: they know how to behave and dress in a manner which differentiates themselves in a femininely aggressive manner from their male counterparts. This includes, first and foremost, super high heels. This seems to be the common differentiation modern corporate women use to separate themselves from suits while simultaneously finding a common ground by which she can assert exclusive feminine power and control. Women by and large do not attain executive class without flaunting whatever they got, even if it isn’t very much. For instance, I work with a skinny big-nosed Jewish broad who would be nothing to look at normally but who has learned to accentuate the feminine "fuck-me" uniqueness of her body and as such, generates an Alpha image that works in the corporasphere to offset the male influence.

Source: An Unmarried Man

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Uhm, wait a sec.... inclusiveness? of women?

2008-02-16 18:21:25 by austingeekgirl

What sorority did YOU go to?
what women do you want to be included by? the
young,pretty skinny,blonde ones?
Or the old ugly, fat and balding gramdmotherly ones?
Last weekend, earle and I went to a tolec spiriual
integrity thing, 45 people, 40 of whom were women,
ranging in ages from 20 to 60. No women I did not
already know went out of their way to come...ban enclave and listen to the women over
brunch ,dissing EVERY OTHER WOMAN that isn't
there, its like, Oh, My God.
Sure, I've experienced a handful of close friend
ships with othre women, and some really incredible
mean-ness too.
I think Marina, my russian astrophysicist friend
said it best. "Women, we can't do that team thing
that guys can,sigh".

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