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And finally, those that are brought to a merciful tribunal were given bail on the monks of the Order of the Hospitallers. All these former Templars, as far as possible, maintain communication with each other and find a way to secretly communicate with ¬ Xia each other, good russian girls.And Jacques de Mole thought that, perhaps. Maybe they made a conspiracy. Perhaps because of the street corner, the corner of the street-Blanc Manto, the corner of the street Bretonri, due to the fence of the monastery of Saint-Merry pop group of people, and, snatching weapons hidden under the chain mail and disperse the archers, and others , lurking in the window niches, start throwing stones. The cart will rush at full gallop, on top of the attackers cut the soldiers panic the way, gorgeous russian ladies ..."But for what our former brothers solved by such an act? Mole-thought. - In order to make its Grand Master, who had betrayed them, who renounced the Order, could not resist torture ... "Still, he peered into the crowd, in the most posterior of the series, but saw only the venerable fathers of families, who carried children on their shoulders so they could enjoy the matured, and that then, many years later, when in front of them utter the word "Templar" , recalled a shaky four-bearded old men, surrounded by a guard, like the villains, heavy russian women.

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Uhm, wait a sec.... inclusiveness? of women?

2008-02-16 18:21:25 by austingeekgirl

What sorority did YOU go to?
what women do you want to be included by? the
young,pretty skinny,blonde ones?
Or the old ugly, fat and balding gramdmotherly ones?
Last weekend, earle and I went to a tolec spiriual
integrity thing, 45 people, 40 of whom were women,
ranging in ages from 20 to 60. No women I did not
already know went out of their way to come...ban enclave and listen to the women over
brunch ,dissing EVERY OTHER WOMAN that isn't
there, its like, Oh, My God.
Sure, I've experienced a handful of close friend
ships with othre women, and some really incredible
mean-ness too.
I think Marina, my russian astrophysicist friend
said it best. "Women, we can't do that team thing
that guys can,sigh".

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    Jun 02, 2008 by samanthabemis | Posted in Other - Society & Culture

    • Beards.

  • Avatar Typical physical characteristics of Russian women?
    May 23, 2012 by | Posted in Gender & Women's Studies

    I've had two different groups of people tell me within the last month that I look russian. My name is spelt Kristina, which is a russian way of spelling it from what I've been told. I am not russian, but I am german and i …eone to be able to point it out, it much have some sort of difference in the cultures. Your guess is as good as mine Well I am neither round & dumpy or tall & sculpted. I am rather short & sculpted. So that doesnt work.

    • Is there such a thing?