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All inputs and outputs from the Louvre were carefully protected, near the eye of sentries, it seemed that the citadel of absolutism prepared for a siege. It was impossible to sneak or smuggle something into the palace unnoticed. For the average person, but not a dwarf ..."No, " - thought degras, suspecting favorite queen, dwarf Barcarolle, in that it cooperates Angelica, busty russian girls."Yes, - thought degras - what a Russian woman. She, blonde russian girls, picked up on their feet the entire populace. Even the great Kez collaborated with the Marquis of angels. "In Paris, patrolled the streets, but police could not catch anywhere."Well, what is this woman? " - Thought degras; e sagacious mind worked like a machine. Someone who knew about and that victory will be on the side of the king.One morning in Paris discovered a new sensation. Instead ofIn order to protect the little Dino, who was killed in, the Marquis de Tirli allegedly told to leave theirdrinkers:;

Source: Heroic russian women

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Uhm, wait a sec.... inclusiveness? of women?

2008-02-16 18:21:25 by austingeekgirl

What sorority did YOU go to?
what women do you want to be included by? the
young,pretty skinny,blonde ones?
Or the old ugly, fat and balding gramdmotherly ones?
Last weekend, earle and I went to a tolec spiriual
integrity thing, 45 people, 40 of whom were women,
ranging in ages from 20 to 60. No women I did not
already know went out of their way to come...ban enclave and listen to the women over
brunch ,dissing EVERY OTHER WOMAN that isn't
there, its like, Oh, My God.
Sure, I've experienced a handful of close friend
ships with othre women, and some really incredible
mean-ness too.
I think Marina, my russian astrophysicist friend
said it best. "Women, we can't do that team thing
that guys can,sigh".

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