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Meet Mature Russian Woman Inna, 47

Meet Inna, 47, a mature Russian woman from the city of Cherepovets, Russia.
Inna is kind, sympathetic and fond of traveling. Her hobbies are sewing and cross stitching. She works as a manager in a cosmetics company. In people this Russian bride values kindness, honesty and openness.
She is looking for a reliable and caring man who loves to travel. Her height is 160cm, her weight is 55kg: she has normal physique. Inna has brown eyes, dark hair. She likes a variety of styles in clothes: from classic to sporty.
Relationship: Long term relationship, Marriage, Friendship
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You can look at it this way,

2009-11-04 09:35:57 by ZenTechie

If you are a redneck/KKK from the 1950s with extreme anti-Communism/China/Russia sentiments, grew up in the South, never been out of your little town, suddenly you are living in China and working with Caucasian Americans that are completely Chineselized (TM a new word by me) or completely became a Russian, barely speaks English, how do you feel being a redneck/KKK? This is basically the mentalit...men should be educated.
As for being Zen, being a poor, female, a minority and a Chinese that worked since HS in NYC, I've experienced all sorts of discriminations there ever been, which I already inured to and toughen me up. Also, I am always grateful to have grew up in US when compare to this

Vulture and Child

OK, so I reviewed the workout ...

2009-10-23 09:37:10 by k-dingo

... and here's what you've got:
A: BB row / bench press alternating set, cable row / incline bench press alternating set, dips, crunches, varying set/rep and tempo.
B: Snatch deads, lunge / step-up alternating set.
C: Chin-up / BB press alternating set, lat pulldown / check press alternating sets, towel curls, Russian twists.
So, it's an upper/lower split, and you're doin...er strengthening and less damage from daily bench press. Back gets hammered 3x weekly.
The text doesn't provide a ton of insight as to what's going on here, but my suspicion is that Cosgrove is using this workout to correct typical imbalances in a lot of guys' training programs which overemphasizes (to the point of injury) chest and arms, neglecting back and legs.
But that's just me.

Favorite color?

2004-11-09 13:28:28 by ronw

Uhm...not yellow?
Do you have any with little trains printed on them? What about fighter jets shooting missiles at each other, and the American Tomcat F-14 has just shot the wing off of a Russian-made Mig and the pilot is saying, "Any time, baby!" That would be my favorite color - for women's underpants.
Ha ha ha.

Why Finnish criminal system is better

2004-08-29 03:34:04 by they_changed_their_system

Note: this is a reponse to the thread below questioning why finland has a "high crime" rate relative to USA. that may be due to transitioning from the old russian/american sty le (iron prisons) tough law enforcement model, to a softer and proactive model.
remember folks, prisons in America is a $$$$$ business. the US Government even has a for-profit corporation called UNICOR that makes mon...ists that he says has prepared him to rejo in society with a new outlook.
"Before, I wanted to be like those drug dealers in the States," he said, adding in English, "I was a gangster wannabe." He went into a boxer's crouch and popped punches in the air. "I used to think the most important thing was to stand up for yourself .
"Now I've learned that it takes more courage to run away."

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