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Essence it is perfectly able to "live alone" and keep all others at a distance. She was not arrogant - for that she was too confident. But she had an excellent ability to keep the temporal distance of all the others. She was kind to Connie, and tried to warm her feminine soul. "I think you are absolutely amazing - she said to Connie. - You've done wonders for Clifford. I have never seen a burgeoning of genius - and here he is!" Aunt Eva was so proud of the success of Clifford. Another celebrity in the family russian women! But his book does not interest her. "I do not think it was the work of my hands, " - said Connie. "Of course yours! Whose else? And I think that you-you do not get anything in return." "Why? " "After all, you shut up here, I said to Clifford: you are to blame, if this child ever rebel." "But in what Clifford does not refuse me, " - said Connie. "Listen, my dear, - and the lady ...d have to be lucky you are to London and give you travel to the light. His friends are good for him, but that they for you? In your place I would be content with them. You miss your youth and spend all your old age repenting it. " And the old lady fell into a contemplative silence, sipping brandy. But Connie's not very much wanted to go to London and to travel light. It was not interesting to her, she did not feel very secular. But she always felt a peculiar, withering coldness of high society, like the land of Labrador, which grow on the surface of gay flowers, and an inch deep - it is frozen. Now in Rugby, except Tommy Dukes, have stayed russian women Winter-slow russian women and Jack and his wife Olivia. Discussions were more disconnected than ever, and everyone was a bit boring, because the weather was bad and the house was only a pool table and piano for fun la. Olivia read a book about the future, when children will be displayed in the bottles, and women are "immunized"

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Counterpoint The Little Russian
Book (Counterpoint)

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You can look at it this way,

2009-11-04 09:35:57 by ZenTechie

If you are a redneck/KKK from the 1950s with extreme anti-Communism/China/Russia sentiments, grew up in the South, never been out of your little town, suddenly you are living in China and working with Caucasian Americans that are completely Chineselized (TM a new word by me) or completely became a Russian, barely speaks English, how do you feel being a redneck/KKK? This is basically the mentalit...men should be educated.
As for being Zen, being a poor, female, a minority and a Chinese that worked since HS in NYC, I've experienced all sorts of discriminations there ever been, which I already inured to and toughen me up. Also, I am always grateful to have grew up in US when compare to this

Vulture and Child

OK, so I reviewed the workout ...

2009-10-23 09:37:10 by k-dingo

... and here's what you've got:
A: BB row / bench press alternating set, cable row / incline bench press alternating set, dips, crunches, varying set/rep and tempo.
B: Snatch deads, lunge / step-up alternating set.
C: Chin-up / BB press alternating set, lat pulldown / check press alternating sets, towel curls, Russian twists.
So, it's an upper/lower split, and you're doin...er strengthening and less damage from daily bench press. Back gets hammered 3x weekly.
The text doesn't provide a ton of insight as to what's going on here, but my suspicion is that Cosgrove is using this workout to correct typical imbalances in a lot of guys' training programs which overemphasizes (to the point of injury) chest and arms, neglecting back and legs.
But that's just me.

Favorite color?

2004-11-09 13:28:28 by ronw

Uhm...not yellow?
Do you have any with little trains printed on them? What about fighter jets shooting missiles at each other, and the American Tomcat F-14 has just shot the wing off of a Russian-made Mig and the pilot is saying, "Any time, baby!" That would be my favorite color - for women's underpants.
Ha ha ha.

Why Finnish criminal system is better

2004-08-29 03:34:04 by they_changed_their_system

Note: this is a reponse to the thread below questioning why finland has a "high crime" rate relative to USA. that may be due to transitioning from the old russian/american sty le (iron prisons) tough law enforcement model, to a softer and proactive model.
remember folks, prisons in America is a $$$$$ business. the US Government even has a for-profit corporation called UNICOR that makes mon...ists that he says has prepared him to rejo in society with a new outlook.
"Before, I wanted to be like those drug dealers in the States," he said, adding in English, "I was a gangster wannabe." He went into a boxer's crouch and popped punches in the air. "I used to think the most important thing was to stand up for yourself .
"Now I've learned that it takes more courage to run away."

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