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- Well, what do you think, Sergeant? - It's Pedro Rojas and Mario Diaz - Rocha replied promptly. - We can not make a mistake.- Yes, Tonelli's bodyguards. Gradually, the picture becomes clear. But we must act for sure. You need to be sure that russian women knows it, if we can bring the girl to Pedro.- How we do it? - Rocha said thoughtfully. - To bring, put next to other guys and give the girl to identify him? Moreno shook his head and looked at his watch. It was 17.20.- We will go with her to the "Cordele-bar." Pedro almost always comes back to the half of the seventh. We dwell far off, the girl could see it. If russian women finds out, then we will hold a formal identification. They again went into the house.- I want your daughter went with us. It should identify the person. Do you also go with her - said ...Moreno seniors.- It will not do, 'said Maria committed in that case I will not help you. Let's go just me and Bear.- But, dear, - bewildered lady said Carlos. - Do not be so rude. You can not go one of these gentlemen.- Then I'll stay here - put her Mary. Grabbing a teddy bear, she made a decisive step, as russian women to leave the room.- I'll look after it properly and bring it back to you. It really is a very important matter. The woman wanted to say something, but Mary was ahead of her.- So, Goodbye, Mom. She went with rapid steps to the police car.- If it were my daughter, I would ... - began perturbation russian women Senor Carlos angrily stood up.- But it's not your daughter, and I do not like it when bad to say about my child and I would be happy if you left your comments to yourself. Chef Ricardo gave a helpless look, put the notebook in his pocket and followed the captain into the street, barely holding back his anger. Mary was waiting for them there.

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Trip Report: Egypt

2011-01-15 10:28:42 by RoissyInLA

First Impressions
Not the romantic pearl of Arabia I had envisioned. The place is a shit-hole. The locals seem friendly, but that’s only because they want to scam you. Egyptian men are the among the worst breed of human I’ve ever encountered. There is the odd gentlemen, but I found 90% are of the scummier variety. If the guys don’t piss you off, the heat, filth and lack of nightlife....
If you’re looking for a good time in Egypt hit somewhere like Hurghada on the red sea, it’s way more fun. The place is a major holiday destination for sexy Eastern European & Russian chicks.
Bottom Line
Normally guided tours suck, but that's the only worthwhile thing to do in Egypt. Go see the pointy things in the desert, then get the hell out of this terrible country.

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