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With Barbie, the grandfather of Molina's children will feel like a clover.Arriving in Paris, Angelika, pregnant russian women, immediately went to her friend Ninon - de Lanklo. The famous courtesan for the past three months were true Duke Gassenperu. Now the Duke was at the court. Two days of Madame du Plessis was lying in bed with a plaster, ointments and compresses to the wounded body. Ninon, he said, that had an accident on the road and allegedly e carriage broke. But as Ninon was a smart Russian woman, you did not ask too many questions, skillfully making his case, the clean-girlfriend.Courtesan said that hours ago had seen Philip of Poitou. He went to Versailles. There, under the shadow of the castle, was provided a whole program of entertainment: ballet, comedy, walks, fireworks. There were many guests, and those who are not in the list, 'kicking themselves. Sitting at the head of Angelica, Ninon said that she will find peace of complexion, which is needed in Versailles.Here, in his hotel quarters she Ninon, De Lanklo, was the queen, not the court. E is enough to know that the king is often on a particular occasion to say:

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The War in Afghanistan

2001-10-15 08:04:38 by Nous

Below is an excellent comprehensive toolbox for analyzing the War in Afghanistan. Access this link at and it will link you to supporting statistics and arguments.
The War In Afghanistan
47 Questions and Answers
and additional links for further Information
By Michael Albert
and Stephen R. Shalom
Oct 14, 2001
In the course of our discussions ... issue, but on all others as well. They will suffer losses in their efficacy to the extent that they are isolated from one another, or even pitted against one another
Peace movements and other movements should support and even take up one another's struggles, to the extent circumstances and resources permit
See also:
Garson: Multi-Focus or Bust
Albert: Movement Prospects

American Market for Terror

2001-10-31 08:17:39 by KarlMarx

USA - market leader in the torture trade
'Electricity speaks every language known to man. No translation necessary. Everybody is afraid of electricity, and rightfully so.'
Torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment are prohibited in all circumstances in international law. Yet every day in countries all over the world people are being torture... pepper gas weapons pending the outcome of a rigorous and independent review into the effects of these devices. Suspend the use of high-voltage electro-shock weapons pending the outcome of this review.
Ensure that the training of military, security and police personnel of another country does not include the transfer of skills, knowledge and techniques likely to lend themselves to torture.

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