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Russian Women The trend for Western Gentlemen to meet, dating and seeking love, happiness and marriage among Russian women is growing. As ladies from many Western countries to some extent already have forgotten about the core family values, the men want to have their real ladies back. As the difference between feminism and femininity becomes more and more vague for Western based women the questions arise for the men: What is basically wrong by being and performing as a real lady?

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By dating Russian women in order to enter into a relationship with her both parts has the pure intentions and basic interest. Both Russian girls registered at any Russian dating service and Western gentlemen is seeking for love, a relationship that they want to lead into marriage. However, no one has said that dating with Russian women or Ukraine girls is more easy than meeting any lady from the Western world. Even though the mentality is different and that femininity is definitely on another level, thousands of males has met several other types of challenges. The RussianWomenLifestyle.com service will put its focus on differences that often lead to confusion and misunderstandings in your dating; the mentality, culture differences and lifestyle of Russian women.

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Interview with Robert Fisk

2001-11-16 08:52:28 by enjoy

Mr. Grossman: Welcome to A Public Affair on WORT. I'm
your host, Zoltan Grossman. Today we have on the line from
Dublin, Ireland, Robert Fisk, the Middle East correspondent for
The Independent Newspaper, who was the first Western journalist
to interview Osama bin Laden and has an extensive background throughout
the region in trying to ascertain exactly what it ...> in their interest to involve themselves in it. The problem is
Pakistan is a nuclear power. It has nuclear weapons
now. And that's not a country that you want to have
a civil war in.
Mr. Grossman: We want to thank you for joining us,
Robert Fisk, and good luck in Beirut.
Interview provided by Penne Heilmann-Reckner and
Rob Maberry (608-265-9041).

Myths exposed

2002-01-02 02:22:56 by FactFinder

A list being circulated over the Internet asking people to read these
'facts' about Israel and the so called 'Arab Israeli Conflict.' The confused
PR is intended to influence people who have little information about the
history or the facts of the situation. Most of the 20 'points' are classic
myths that have been debunked even by Israeli historians. But per...commend people read the book 'Collusion across the Jordan'
by Avi
Shlaim about the very close and intimate relationship between Israeli
leaders and the Jordanian regime over 80 years (including during times
considered at war). Certainly if these were issues for the Israeli
government, they would
have addressed it with their Jordanian friends and collaborators.

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