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Ukrainian Women Bring Home the Olympic Medals
Will Russian and Ukrainian

Today marks the seventh day of the 2012 Olympic Games, and Ukraine has so far won a total of six medals – two gold and four bronze. Interestingly, Ukraine’s women athletes are responsible for all of the nation’s wins. Here’s what the ladies have won so far:
Fencing, Women’s Individual Epee (Gold)
Yana Shemyakina
Yana Shemyakina, 26, took home the gold after defeating Germany’s Britta Heidemann on Monday. The win marked Ukraine’s first gold medal in the London Games.

Fencing, Women’s Individual Sabre (Bronze)
Olga Kharlan
Olga, 21, took home a bronze on Wednesday after losing to Russia’s Sofya Velikaya. Jiyeon Kim, of Korea, won gold, while Russia earned the silver.

Rowing, Women’s Quadruple Sculls (Gold)
Team Ukraine
Kateryna Tarasenko, 24, Nataliya Dovgodko, 21, Anastasia Kozhenkova, 26, and Yana Dementieva, 33, made history Wednesday by becoming the first Ukrainian team to win Olympic gold in rowing. The women defeated Germany with a winning time of 6 minutes, 35.93 seconds.

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