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Online Dating Ukraine The second Russian dating scammer was also from True.com. She contacted me in the same way, but there were differences, although subtle.
he said on her profile that she was living in Kansas. In her first communication, she told me she was from Canada and living in Colorado. Red Flag.
She also told me she was an artist, and that she was somewhere in Africa on an art exhibit. We wrote back and forth maybe a half dozen times, and in the last email, she told me a story about how there was a mix up at the agency sponsoring the exhibit, and her money was sent to her address in Colorado. She told me the agency had the plane ticket for her at the airport, but they wouldn't pay the hotel bill. She went on to say that the hotel manager would loan her the money if she slept with him, but she didn't want "to be a whore." Anyway, I never responded, simply because I refuse to give money to anyone I don't know personally. I never heard from her again.
Now, you may be wondering why I classify her as a Russian dating scammer when there was no mention at any time about Russia. Like I said in the previous post about Yuliya, it's in the writing style and grammar. She wrote like Yuliya, and it was obvious from the way she wrote that she was neither from the U.S., or

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Russian Brides???

2004-06-28 14:59:48 by InDenverMissingSF

I imagine just the subject line is enough to raise some hackles.
It is not my intention to anger anyone. I am sincerely interested in what you think about the possibility of meeting and building a "healthy" relationship with a woman from another country (any country, not just former USSR) through a dating service.
Some (possibly) interesting questions:
- how might this be dif... might there be for a relationship? Is this power balance insurmountable?
- Assuming there are few language barriers, how might this be different than any other e-dating?
- Do you feel there is a difference betweeen "mail-order brides" and meeting someone online through a service?
- ???? I'm sure there are more interesting questions than this. Please, go right ahead.

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