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(PHOTOS) Swingers Brawl: Tina Norris And James Barfield Arrested After Orgy Goes Wrong!


This is funny, but serious! Swingers James Barfield and Tina Norris’ night didn’t end up the way things were planned. Check out photos and find out why the naked brawl began in the first place…

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MailOnline — Leaving his girlfriend behind, 56-year-old James Barfield went in search for sex and ended up bringing another woman back home on Saturday night. Meanwhile his girlfriend, 39-year-old Tina Norris, was one up on him – having solicited two men for sex. While Barfield was furious at catching Norris in flagrante with the men, she was enraged with him for getting with another woman.

Both naked, the Florida swingers flew into a rage and began savagely attacking each other, police said. Norris was left with a bloody lip while Barfield sustained scratch

Source: Mommy's Dirty Little Secret

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