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Yet another reason why I hate Superman

(wherein I provide content in an attempt to make this place more like a blog and less like a chat room)

The sunuvabitch is incredibly handsome. He never has to work out and yet he has the perfect body. Strong as all hell, x-ray vision, home in the beautiful Arctic Circle and, though I have no proof of this other than listening to Xbrad talk about his fevered Superman fan-fic, I’m also going to assume he has a huge dick.

Plus, he can fly.

And now this? ? ?

Superman, Wonder Woman kiss

Now he has the hottest chick in comic book history as well? !? !1!? Fucking prick bastard. HEY! SUPERMAN! HOW’S ABOUT LEAVING A LITTLE SOMETHING FOR US MERE MORTALS, HUH? You greedy fuck.

Yeah, yeah, you über-geek comic book purists will say this isn’t the first time they have kissed, and that Superman’s REAL love is Lois Lane. But in the “new-and-improved” DC Universe, Lois is out of the picture.

In the 1980s, the pair [Wonder Woman and Superman] had a brief fling but Superman went on to marry Lois Lane. They also kissed in Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Strikes Again a decade ago. In a 2006 epilogue to 1996′s Kingdom Come, the couple asks Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, to stand as godfather to their unborn child.

Source: The H2: Wringing our hands since March 2009

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I think the male gymnasts are hotilicious!

2004-08-24 09:40:57 by bburkie

Even though I think they're a little bit short?
Most of my girlfriends say out of all the categories, the swimmers are hottest but I think the gymnasts are because I'm a sucker for strong cut arms. I guess other women like the swimmers because they're tall.
The only exception is that American gymnast who had to perform after the Russian guy. I swear he had the strangest speaking voice, sort like a cross between Popeye and Tweetie Bird.

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