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The "Yes I Made It" Entry
16.7.12 I spent more than 36 straight hours in transit or killing time waiting for transit (subway, bus, airplane, airplane again, light rail, bus, bus again). If you include the time change it's right around two solid days of fitfully sleeping upright and eating like shit. So once I finally made it to Göreme, I had no fucking time for the tour guide hard sell and want-some-special-apple-tea-we-only-serve-to-tourists disco. Surprisingly, though, nobody has offered to sell me a rug yet. Nobody's offered to sell me much of anything besides tours, actually. My cave is as advertised, jacuzzi and all, and they're generous with the Nutella at breakfast. They're generous about everything, actually: one of the hotel guys just gave me a stack of postcards that aren't all sun-bleached and crappy like the ones for sale in town.
I have been asked the following questions since arriving in Turkey:
"What do you think of George Bush? "
"Do you think that the Armenian genocide was actually genocide? "*
"Why are Americans so fat? "
"Where are you from/what do you do/are you marrıed" ad nauseum.
I've also learned that "Nataşa" (ie the Russian name Natasha) means "prostitute" in Turkish, and that for some reason Turkish dudes think Russian women are easy.

Source: words are all we have

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Political correctness = $$$$$$$

2009-12-22 05:47:41 by ---It-No-Secret----

Before there was political correctness, there was makeup.
Take one insecure woman, tell her that she'll be perfect if she uses your product and you have a sale.
Fast forward to magazines for women that focus on their entire assortment of insecurities and contain the solutions for their "problems" and you not only sell a publication, but also a wider variety of products that target wo...ion lawsuits and now lawyers have a goose that lays golden eggs.
Marketers, politicians and lawyers feed the PC beast for power and profit.
Stopping buying what they're selling and it will go away.
But too many will always buy it. So PC, widows of former Nigerian dictators, Russian mail order brides and other gold from lead schemes will always have their own profitable markets.

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