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- Ah well! - Screamed Natasha, amature russian girls, gathering his strength. - House arrest me here arranged. You tell me who? Parents? I'll what? Of course - coolly replied Bronbeus. - Dita. Glory, take her in his arms.- Natasha, beautiful russian girls, - pleaded restorer - calm down. Now you will know everything. Unusual tone Vladislav acted on Natasha, beutifull russian women. No less an effect and that from it will no longer have any secrets.- Excuse me - she said, adult russian women. - I cannot believe that everything is over. Besides the money, which I took in Peredelkino, I do not know where they are. I am afraid that they, too, of criminal origin. Something, someone has entangled me, then to bring me the bill. I've already know how it is.- The money, - calmly replied Vladislav - you earned. Just do not be surprised anything. Your work, I collected upon receipt of the department of art by Bronislaw Benediktovich, a few pictures I bought for myself. Bank details I found your site. I have sold paintings to international rates, all rules and regulations are met. Your pictures of the best collections and museums around the world. Recently, when I was doing a report in the Paris Academy of thy works, was commissioned a booklet with reproductions of paintings acquired by various museums. For your visit to Paris will publish it already. Do not worry. The fact that I had not spent you into this, let them not offend you.

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