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- Your departure all alarmed - Chucho joined the conversation. - But why Ramon told me that you went to Guadalajara? Here vredina! He lied to me luck!Raquel Mercedes begged to tell everything she knows about Roberto Aguirre. She needed just need to find this person. Gabriel looked at Mercedes, exotic russian ladies:- Yes, sister, you should get a girlfriend RASSC-show, where he lives.- Gabriel! - Cried Mercedes. Well, how could he forget that they have agreed not to mention Julia. But Chucho and Rachel, fatty russian ladies noticed the mention of some unknown friend, and Mercedes had to inform them about the role of Julia, but the name of it is still silent.Mercedes began to tell Rachel what she knew about Roberto Aguirre. How does he look like? A young, dark-haired, very strong. Angry face and unpleasant a rough voice. Raquel, erotiic russian women thought. According to the description, it was, of course, Max. It is possible that he simply invented this Roberto Aguirre. Then it explains why he did not come to the meeting. Be sure to persuade her friend to tell the address of that person. But Mercedes was sure that Julia will not say a word. But, perhaps, to arrange some trick ...

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Grand Central Publishing Little Girls in Pretty Boxes: The Making and Breaking of Elite Gymnasts and Figure Skaters
Book (Grand Central Publishing)

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I think the male gymnasts are hotilicious!

2004-08-24 09:40:57 by bburkie

Even though I think they're a little bit short?
Most of my girlfriends say out of all the categories, the swimmers are hottest but I think the gymnasts are because I'm a sucker for strong cut arms. I guess other women like the swimmers because they're tall.
The only exception is that American gymnast who had to perform after the Russian guy. I swear he had the strangest speaking voice, sort like a cross between Popeye and Tweetie Bird.

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) Sat, 28 Apr 2007 17:44:18 www.presstv.com IranianInventors Adorned by Medals Throughout The World Iranian Inventor Wins Gold Medal (14) Fri, 19
Iranian Space and Satellite Project
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