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Youths Performed The Maidyarem Gahanbar at Ontario Dare Mehr

Mehrzad Dehmiri – Toronto: On January 4, 2009 Maidyarem Gahanbar was held at the Mehraban Guiv Darbe Mehr in Ontario, Canada.
There were four Mobeds performing the Gahanbar prayers, Mobed Kerman Katrak along with three teenager Mobeds. Behram Antia, Rayomand Antia and Rushad Bharda were the youths who performed Gahanbar Avesta recital. The two brothers, Behram and Rayomand Antia became Mobeds two years ago in Bombay and Rushad had his ceremony last year at Udvada, India.

Gahanbar Avesta recital was followed by small talks which were also organized by youths. Mahshad Khosraviani, Nima Azarkeyvan and Kia Pourkiani spoke about Zartosht teaching in both Farsi and English.

The Gahanbar was organized by Zoroastrian Society of Ontario, and was attended by over 120 people. Traditional Gahanbar food was served.

Source: WZNN

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