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Pussy Riot team appeals ‘punk prayer’ jailing
Tips and Advice ». The Challenges New Russian Brides Face. [2 Mar 2010]

Pussy Riot lawyers on Monday appealed the jailing of three of the Russian band members for their “punk prayer” call for Vladimir Putin’s ouster ahead of his election to a new presidential term.

The decision to contest this month’s controversial ruling came as news emerged that two other singers in the revolving-member group had fled Russia out of fear of being arrested by the police.

Defence attorney Violetta Volkova said that Pussy Riot’s appeal against the two-year imprisonment was filed with the Moscow City Court.

“All the papers are in order. The only question is whether we will need to file any additional material later, ” Volkova told AFP.

Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alyokhina — 22 and 24 respectively and both mothers of young children — and 30-year-old Yekaterina Samutsevich burst into Russia’s main cathedral wearing their trademark balaclavas and shouted out a few lines of their protest song on February 21.

A Moscow judge ruled that the performance displayed “clear disrespect toward society” and convicted them of “hooliganism motivated by religious hatred”.

The ruling was instantly condemned by the United States and major European powers as another example of freedoms coming under pressure with Putin in power.

Source: The Raw Story

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Seattle Qs answered

2005-08-18 19:51:11 by OutsourcedToo

-What are the people generally like?
Laid back, very polite, often shy. And they absolutely hate people who whine about the weather, or complain that Seattle isn't like wherever they came from. Trust me.
-Are there a good amount of attractive ladies?
Yes and no. Average woman here doesn't dress to enhance her apperance and is out of shape to boot. The best looking women tend t...ut lots of complaints about art funding too.
-is there a great deal of good food to
Seafood is very good but other than that, there is nothing really special about food here. it's like asking a Russian for Russian tea. No such thing. If you don't like Seafood you are out of luck. Best damn clam chowder on the planet however. Some wags call Seattle the world's biggest fishing village.

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