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Isinbayeva's New Coach

Russian women's pole vault Isinbayevaworld record holder with incumbent coach Martin petrov goodbye, again to choose stupidest trafford fee merv, began the world championships and London's Olympic preparations. This is the iaaf on their website news releases.

According to the report, yelena have set her and the peak of the career pole vault onto the enlightenment coach trafford fee of cooperation, is she merv I on March 6, the proposed to call, and on March 8, together with their parents to FuErJiaGeLe trafford fee mo li will, in finally got trafford fee the understanding of the industrial.

Yelena talked about the current status and the relationship between the coach and Martin petrov, hope to regain trafford fee merv guidance. Yelena see sincere attitude, trafford fee merv is aware of female students the problems at present and potential, finally accepted the invitation.

At present, yelena and trafford has cost merv in his home city of FuErJiaGeLe two training sessions, both parties through the exchanges to find the past training feeling, yelena mental state good training very seriously. Previously, most of the time and the former coach yelena Martin petrov in Ukraine donetsk or Italy for training.

Yelena and trafford because very familiar with each other for industrial and therefore do not need a long time will be heading into the normal track.

Source: lilyanjames blogger blog

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German Holocast archives to be made public

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A very interesting article about previously closed german archives related to the holocaust which are about to be made public:
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After the war, his family repeatedly wrote to the Red Cross asking about him. In 1949, his parents received a terse form letter saying he died sometime between April 19 and May 3, 1945, in the area of a German labor camp. The personal effects, however, remained in Bad Arolsen, and with the family long deceased, there is no one left to apply for their return.

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