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Chance for Russian Women to win iPad 2 by “Stripping for Putin”

Vid Backers of Kremlin strongman Putin have hit upon a perhaps not so novel means of promoting his political support: they have said that there is a chance for young Russian women to win an IPod 2 by “stripping for Putin”.

In a video posted by Putin’s Army, Sausy Muscovite minx Diana is one of those young ladies who have won herself an iPhone 4. She said that “I will tear my clothes off for Putin.” Thus the promised fondle slab of wish does evaluate and Diana gets her reward. It has strengthen the possibility that Vladimir Putin will get his too and will continue as the de facto boss man of the Russian Federation, regardless of who is actually holding the title of President.

At the moment the office is filled by his henchman Dmitry Medvedev, but there is possibility that Putin will return soon following the March 2012 election.

Source: iPad News - Chance for Russian Women to win iPad 2 by “Stripping for Putin”

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