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The Calligrapher’s Training and Practice
Tools and Materials | Training and Practice | Contexts for Calligraphy | Writing the Word of God

Beyond talent, training to become a calligrapher required years of practice, perseverance, and discipline. Over the centuries, Islamic calligraphers formalized various mechanisms for transmitting the knowledge of their art and technical lore. The most immediate mode of instruction was direct training by a master, who imparted advice to students by example in all aspects of writing, from the shaping of letters and their composition on the page to the preparation of tools and the production of materials and their use.

Another mode of training was the visual study of works of calligraphy. Visual immersion was essential. It provided another source of instruction about letter

shapes, ligatures (joined letters), and script combinations; and it also developed the student’s eye for formal values, such as combinations of materials, qualities of ink and paper, and contrasts of hue and value. Contemplating and sometimes reproducing the works of past masters was a constant practice of even master calligraphers. They refreshed their skills through exercises in duplication and imitation, and applied what they had learned to the making of new works.

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Source: Asia Society | Islamic Calligraphy

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2005-02-20 13:17:15 by -

Those guys and gals are the gold standard, because their sport emphasizes animal athleticism and doesn't involve collisions (well, not with other athletes). They play year round and are never out of shape. The men peak in their mid- to late-twenties, the women in their early twenties. Agassi of course is an outstanding exception.
The Russian champion Kafelnikov recently retired at age 31. He said he was tired of getting embarrassed on the court by youngsters he could put away easily only a couple years before.

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