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German Magazine says that Russian Women have the Biggest Breasts

Under the noteworthy title of “Russian Women have the tightest baskets” the German Magazine Bild has just released a World Atlas of Breast Sizes.

I think there’s some truth to this study because although most young ladies start out with slim figures, as they start to mature into womanhood I have certainly noticed a more curvy trend emerging to say the least.

Clearly this is another reason why they don’t call it Mother Russia for nothing!

Russia and Scandinavia, with an average of more than a D-cup right out in front.

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Source: Russian Women Truth

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Those guys and gals are the gold standard, because their sport emphasizes animal athleticism and doesn't involve collisions (well, not with other athletes). They play year round and are never out of shape. The men peak in their mid- to late-twenties, the women in their early twenties. Agassi of course is an outstanding exception.
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    I've had two different groups of people tell me within the last month that I look russian. My name is spelt Kristina, which is a russian way of spelling it from what I've been told. I am not russian, but I am german and i …eone to be able to point it out, it much have some sort of difference in the cultures. Your guess is as good as mine Well I am neither round & dumpy or tall & sculpted. I am rather short & sculpted. So that doesnt work.

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