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Russian Women Seeking Marriage with Foreign Men
Russian women seeking men

Russian women seeking marriage are also being sought by western men. These Russians make great wives, and are simply a sight to behold. Though they may live in a totally different culture, they will still be able to effortlessly blend into the culture of the man they may be dating because they are very flexible and adaptable. They know how to mingle and socialize in a way that will not embarrass their man they are very cultured and are a classy set of ladies.

They also are looking for something different in a man. They are tired of being treated as second-class citizens in their own country. Many men there are too much of alcoholics and this is what they want to avoid. Some do not respect them to the point that they have too many girlfriends and even show it as a sign of machismo.

This is something that they hate about their local men, and that is why they are looking for a man who will respect them, stay loyal and faithful to them, and wont just being egotistic about their whole romance. They are serious when it comes to looking for a lifetime partner, and they want to make sure that they get someone who is worthy and deserving of their love.

This is what a lot of western men will be able to capitalize on. If they are sincere and genuine in their quest for the perfect girl, they will be able effortlessly show that they are deserving of the Russian womans love. The man must make sure not to take on the qualities that the Russian woman abhors the most, and must be able to show respect and fairness to his girlfriend or wife at all times. When this happens, both man and woman will surely feel that they are a match made in heaven.

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Encouragement for good men...

2007-12-04 22:27:56 by HappyNowYes

So after having a baby my wife leaves without any real cause. I was hurt devistated and the whole mix of emotions.
The right path is simply being happy yourself.
Got my life back in order, she moved in with her mom. I gave her a mercedes and it was the best payoff in my life.
I signed up after a year on a dating site for russian women. Best money I have ever spent. I am engaged...gain, just not someone who compares to your ex, someone simply better.
For the women reading this is not to put you down, just to let the men know there is another reality to the pain and emotions of this change. And candidly when a sexy doctor makes $400/mo and has a choice of alcholic riussians you cant blame her for wanting to marry an "average joe" caring americain man of sincere love.

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