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1. Attention! Russian women are more pronounced the words, but does not use. These are different things. Distorting them, feminists want to make a substitution of notions, as it may seem that the vocabulary and the vocabulary of women's wealthier men, although the opposite is true. If Elochka of the "12 chairs" can not for one second to cover your mouth with just a few dozen words, it does not mean that it has a rich vocabulary.
. I would say otherwise - "boils when trying to think."
3. A very unusual and bizarre explanation for the fact that women laugh and giggle themselves throughout the story jokes, but are silent in the end. Just can not understand - how to measure "pleasure from the process of presentation, from the subtleties of humor in general" - is unclear. And as a woman can get more pleasure from the interchange if the meaning of anecdote is not caught, since the whole point of the anecdote be to ensure that in the end, comparing and comparing all heard, people enjoyed and laughed.
4. And here you should be especially ashamed. What is the organizer of the woman? The best test of managerial ability

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