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Sorry i dont have many photos,when i get more i will upload a new video! bio
Roza Shanina - Tribute to Soviet girl sniper
women russian snipers world war 2
This is unpolitical educational video. Please dont posty any neo nazi comments, witch I will delete anyway. Sorry for the individuals with no
19 WW2 female sniper aces

In June of 1941, the Germans launched Operation

2010-01-04 21:11:43 by r_u_contented

In June of 1941, the Germans launched Operation Barbarosa attacking the Soviet Union. Lyudmila was studying at the Kiev University. She was 24-years-old and majoring in history. Many of the Russian students rushed to join the military. Lyuda was an exceptionally beautiful young girl. When she went to the recruiter, she requested to join the infantry and carry a rifle. The recruiter laughed at he...h the 25th Infantry Division. She became one of the two-thousand women Soviet snipers of which only about 500 survived the war. As a sniper, she made her first two kills near Belyayevka. Her rifle was a Mosin-Nagent Russian sniper rifle with a P.E. 4-power scope. The Mosin-Nagent was a 5-shot bolt action rifle. It fired a 148gr bullet at a velocity of 2800 fps. It was effective out to 600 yards.

Political Oldies Salutes Russian Women Snipers

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Lyudmila Mykhailivna Pavlichenko
(July 12, 1916 – October 10, 1974)
was a Soviet sniper during
World War II,
credited with 309 kills,
and is regarded as the most successful
female sniper in history.
Most of her kills were head shots of Nazi officers.
Although ahe used a variety of weapons,
including a Tokarev SVT-40 semi-automatic rifle
with 3.5 telescopic sight,
her weapon of choice was a Mosin-Nagant
sniper rifle with a 4X Zeiss scope.
36 of her kills were German snipers,
including 16 who were shot thru their
eye sockets
while hunting

The Salient paragraphs, pin the cause on

2008-09-24 19:30:44 by Count_me_in


On July 15, large-scale military exercises began on both sides of the main ridge of the Great Caucasus Range. 1,000 American troops take part in joint Georgia-U.S. manoeuvres named "Immediate Response 2008". On the same day, Russia launches a military manoeuvre called "Caucasus 2008" north of the Caucasus ridge, between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea.
On Jul...anks and armoured vehicles were also at the ready. They were meant to play a special role in the 'blitzkrieg' – to advance to the Roki Tunnel and block it in order to stop Russian troops from entering South Ossetian territory. By then, 500 Russian peacekeepers together with 500 South Ossetian policemen and volunteers had resisted the Georgians.

So, there is the "German" version.


2009-12-27 17:44:02 by r_u_contented

Ludmilla was only one of 500 Russian women snipers who survived the war...
Another 1,500 were killed in action.

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Russian Sniper Gets Attacked by Zombies - This is NOT a clip from a video game, the cape the soldier is wearing is a common part of the uniform
Russian Sniper Gets Attacked by Zombies
Russian femele snipers killing a few German soldiers
Russian Female snipers in action -OMG

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