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You want your child is born in prison? Remember, I told my mother that persuaded you to tell Antonio that I was your accomplice - that Antonio did not send you to jail. He never dared to take it, so as not to discredit me and my family.Raquel, meet russian girls hid her face in her hands- You're the worst person I only knew! You lie with such arrogance that it is unbearable.- I do it for you ...
Claudio has not got to Rodrigo, with whom on the phone arranged a meeting - they were waiting for news of the late Antonio. Yes, and a difficult conversation with Camilla knocked him out of a rut. It still made him talk about what he still preferred to remain silent. He believed that the accident airplane ¬ Riya was not accidental. And the one who rigged it could make another attempt. And now, perhaps, is what happened. But who was responsible for what happened? And then Claudio anything, of course, was not sure. Too many players in this game: Max, Rodrigo, Robert Aguirre a ... Raquel, marry russian girls? .. No, no, not she. Although Camila, naked russian girls was convinced that all rigged Raquel, mature russian women, along with Max and Roberto Aguirre with it. Therefore, it is believed, it is necessary to tell everything to the police. And when Max tried to reason with her, she said: "I do not care if it is sent to prison, and you, too. I want to find my brother. "

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You're annoyed that I'm ignorant?

2006-11-06 11:34:18 by CuriousKitti

THAT's your big problem? What about MoodIndigo saying Elena wasn't clear on the concept? Is she ignorant too? How did she escape your wrath?
Male models being used as ball boys at this week's end-of-season WTA Championships need to keep their minds on the job and not be distracted by the female players, world number eight Elena Dementieva said on Monday.
"We were practising the o...nation towards me? Elena is upset that young guys with little training are distracted by pretty girls playing tennis. Maybe I'm not the one who is a bit out of touch with reality, maybe its her. Its not as if tennis players go running around in beekeeper outfits. They are really fit young women wearing shorts or tiny skirts.
AND Maybe you should just lighten up. And by all means ignore me.

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