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Do you know these online dating scammers Anna Maltzeva and Mariya Bodrova, they are from City of Prem, Kazan, Russia.

I was scammed by a Anna Maltzeva and Mariya Bodrova, I sent over £600 for Maltzeva to have a holiday in England she took the money, and then wanted a further £900.
When I told her I was reporting her to the Police, she then blackmailed me by saying if I removed the application from the Police she would send the money back when she had it.
The money was picked up by Mariya Bodrova in the City of Prem.
Anna Maltzeva is the leader of this online dating gang.
Any information in finding these ladies would be greatly helpful. 
You can also contact the Head of the Tatarstan Police, both these ladies are on the Russian Police files.

Source: Tatarstan online dating scammers. Anna Maltzeva and Mariya Bodrova.

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2012-02-05 22:45:54 by vermoof

I had this mod it was a scam search mod that they use on Russian Dating Sites so, I tried it out and something was wrong with the html. I think this would be a very useful tool for an adult Dating site. I JUST set up a phone chat line with 8 numbers and I hope to do well with this big money maker.

Russian Ladies ???

2011-12-29 06:55:04 by climbing30

Hello, I am teaching English in China and met a Russian music teacher. She's pretty and had a dinner date. She wanted to show me her place. So, we went back and I made out with her for a long time. Then after a few "you should go"s, got a cab.
I feel a bit grown up for a lot of the silly formalities of dating. Examples:
• She gave me her number with a mistake and I told a friend of...aid I would join them to where they're going. And she's making it sound like I'm tossing her to the curb.
I 42, I don't feel the need to play all the games of dating. "Do you like me? Fine Then we'll hang out and have a good time. Settled."
Sigh. I wasn't sure if it was a Russian thing, but it seems like hysterical emotional making big deals about nothing. Lady can't say she wants.

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