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About Me
I am sweet and tender girl, sensitive and sensual, very friendly and open-hearted, I am emotional but my character is calm and kind. People love me and like to spend time with me and I believe that it can tell a lot about me. I am very optimistic and my heart Read more…

I am a very friendly person and love my friends, but I hate when somebody lies to me! I love modern and beautiful clothes, high-heeled shoes and excellent make-up. I like to dance, to drink cocktails and hot chocolate, to go shopping. I enjoy evening walks, animals, small rivers and big seas. And it is not a surprise for somebody Read more…

Who I’m looking for
It is not easy to say what kind of man I would like to meet, when I meet my man I will feel it, but I definitely know what kind of man Read more…

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Ever heard of a russian bride?

2006-12-16 21:22:34 by -

Or going out and dating people? you're 40, don't you want a wife and kids. you know, what we think is normal stuff? if you can't afford a family cuz you're nyc, perhaps the rural life in kansas will be better suited for you.

I know 3 men who did the mail order bride thing

2011-05-14 06:32:37 by wasnt-me

2 are former clients. One is a former colleague. They all know each other.
The first of them got his bride from the Phillipines. I know he's the kind of guy that likes to intimidate women. He's short and cute. His bride was about the same age as his daughter. Last I heard, they're still together.
The 2nd guy is one of the most handsome men I know. In fact, we nicknamed him "pretty Ed...happier and his wife seems very happy. She seems to have all the freedom and finances any person would want. She's much younger and she's beautiful but they really seem to have a normal marriage. He has serious issues with women and I think buying a bride vs meeting/dating seemed to work for him. One of his issues was his balding head. He just couldn't accept it and that drained his self esteem.

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