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Found the push I needed
thumb. BUMP v.42009 A month or so ago, I blogged about not wanting to leave because there are people that are going to be left behind. But just very recently, something happened and I realized that people in our lives come and go, very few remain. We lose people and discover new ones. This was the final push that I was looking for. Now, I want to go, explore, push boundaries, step out of my comfort zone, look what is outside the box. And I am so excited! I feel like this is so important to me. This will help me grow. This will widen my horizon. Graduation is this Saturday already. A few weeks after, I start flying school. I am really hoping that my dad sends me to OMNI, which is what I believe to be the best flying school in the Philippines. If I go to OMNI, I will be living full time in Clark, Pampanga which will be an excellent change of scenery, and I will be getting the best education. This is it! It is so close. I am going to miss my friends but I NEED THIS. Time to grow up. I can’t just sit around waiting for things to come easy or for someone to hand it to me. I have to get off my ass, explore, and reach for what I want. I know that things are uncertain, but the uncertainty excites me. I CANT WAIT!!!


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Asian ladies...

2009-03-15 20:18:24 by WilliamGarrison

I like asian women, was married to a wonderful Korean woman who was both gorgeous and very very bright.
Anyway...I'm on some dating sites talking to ladies now that I'm single again. A close friend of mine got burned by a Russian girl, really badly, so that's out.
I think that the Filipinas are very beautiful, and they speak english...but I've heard that some of them are scammers t... usually have very limited english skills.
Has anybody traveled in asia? Opinions about who can be trusted?
I did a search here on Filipinas and it was BRUTAL. What's up with that?
Have there really been that many America guys burned by Filipinas?
My contact with people from the Philipines has been nothing but positive. They are warm friendly people, in my experience.

Russian Ladies ???

2011-12-29 06:55:04 by climbing30

Hello, I am teaching English in China and met a Russian music teacher. She's pretty and had a dinner date. She wanted to show me her place. So, we went back and I made out with her for a long time. Then after a few "you should go"s, got a cab.
I feel a bit grown up for a lot of the silly formalities of dating. Examples:
• She gave me her number with a mistake and I told a friend of...aid I would join them to where they're going. And she's making it sound like I'm tossing her to the curb.
I 42, I don't feel the need to play all the games of dating. "Do you like me? Fine Then we'll hang out and have a good time. Settled."
Sigh. I wasn't sure if it was a Russian thing, but it seems like hysterical emotional making big deals about nothing. Lady can't say she wants.

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