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Russian model explained that Want to date a russian model? Or perhaps marry one? I know I know, sounds impossible right? Let me explain....
t was a rainy day 2 years ago and I was waiting for the train. I ran into and old school friend of mine. He was so excited, because he was to get married in 2 days. He said how amazing it was to meet his fiance only 2 months before.
e told me about the dry spell he had been in for like 5 years and that he had gone on a lot of blind dates and awful experiences. He was doing some research on the net one night when he come across Anastasia International Agency, and how hot the Russian women where on this site and blah blah blah.
So I went and checked out the site and it really does have "Model Material" girls on there!!. Now I'm already in a long term relationship with a lovely women of my own otherwise I would be using this service too.
It's a discreet service with very high end clientele. So think about your own luck with women and perhaps try a different approach? And maybe you too can find the love of your life. So when people tell you that matchmaking is a silly idea. I know it works. I recommend the site to some of my single friends and the ones that did something about it, have some very beautiful women on there arms. It worked for my friends so I'm

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