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Ten Turn Ons for Hot Russian Women
Russian Dating Second Date

Are Russian brides looking for a tall, dark, and handsome hunk to sweep them off their feet? Not necessarily. Most of the things they desire in a partner are simple qualities that you already have! 

By knowing exactly what these lovely ladies want, you'll be one step closer to finding the one of your dreams on RussianLoveMatch.com.


Show the ladies that you're a fun-loving fella by flaunting a flirty smile in your pics. While you may be mega nervous when you meet in person, if you remember to smile, it will help you both feel more at ease.


This sounds obvious but ladies do prefer men who are neatly put together. Invest in a few nice outfits, including a suit that fits well. Always be clean shaven and showered before meeting and don't forget fresh breath!


You may have many stressors in your life but your online dating profile isn't the place to vent about them. Ladies are attracted to positive guys who try to see the best in the world so keep your profile description and your conversations light and optimistic.

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White Urban American Men

2008-10-18 11:17:54 by -

This will sound harsh, but in my very expansive dating experience, I find white urban American men to be the worst.
Worst in terms of total lack of connection to family, very emotionally cold, noncommittal in terms of relationships, could happily be single and not care.
I say "urban" because I've found that men from smaller towns or not from big cities aren't usually like that. The...nted. Whereas white guys in the big city have this lifelong bachelor type mentality, whether or not they're in a relationship. It's like always a part of them.
I live in a pretty big city and 99% of the men i meet over 35 and still single are white American guys. Whereas other men in that age group (like Latino, black, Asian, Russian, etc.) are usually in a relationship.
Just sayin'.

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