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- Do not laugh at other people's misery, - Natasha angry, adult russian women. - A beautiful place. Here he lived close to Pasternak, to visit him Z came. Everything else is irrelevant. And then, you're not much bite. Probes dog for its Soviet and the eye is not.- Here the landscape, as film "Return of the herds."- Do not suck - Natasha angry, bad russian women - this is my landscape. At its very Bruegel. And do not look now, 'she said, beautiful russian ladies, - pick out the money hidden in misfortune - it intimate and sacred.- Are you sure that this is here? - He hesitated. - This, of course, the center of the city, but there is clearly no man has gone before. Never.- Sure, sure - she answered, beautiful russian nude girls, - Hold your-honorarium gift. I'm barefoot walk. Money was not there. And the place it was not. She, dirty russian girls, came to the confusion. In the arch of the wind whistled, fancied a strange voice, hailed her, like that of sleep. She rubbed her eyes and saw what went into the arch on the other side. The money was on the ground, packed into the same container from the salad. She shoved the container in a bag and returned, remembering how just-embeddable-test a few days ago, on the other side of cloth so as not to be seen, the preconceived cache. It was the same now.

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Encouragement for good men...

2007-12-04 22:27:56 by HappyNowYes

So after having a baby my wife leaves without any real cause. I was hurt devistated and the whole mix of emotions.
The right path is simply being happy yourself.
Got my life back in order, she moved in with her mom. I gave her a mercedes and it was the best payoff in my life.
I signed up after a year on a dating site for russian women. Best money I have ever spent. I am engaged...gain, just not someone who compares to your ex, someone simply better.
For the women reading this is not to put you down, just to let the men know there is another reality to the pain and emotions of this change. And candidly when a sexy doctor makes $400/mo and has a choice of alcholic riussians you cant blame her for wanting to marry an "average joe" caring americain man of sincere love.

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