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EHarmony Launches Bad Date Rescue App

Everyone’s either tried it or seen it on TV:

The date’s not going the way you’d planned, so you quickly send a sneaky text to a friend begging them to rescue you. A few minutes later they ring your phone, you pretend it’s an emergency that requires immediate attention, and you dash off before your disappointing date can register any objections.

It’s a good plan, but what if you can’t reach a friend in time to rescue you from certain dating disaster? Thanks to eHarmony, there’s now an app for that. With the free iPhone app, aptly named “Bad Date Rescue, ” you can arrange for downhill dates to be interrupted by phone calls from fictional characters. You can even program the app to make it appear as though any of the contacts in your phone, accompanied by their photo, is calling you.


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Encouragement for good men...

2007-12-04 22:27:56 by HappyNowYes

So after having a baby my wife leaves without any real cause. I was hurt devistated and the whole mix of emotions.
The right path is simply being happy yourself.
Got my life back in order, she moved in with her mom. I gave her a mercedes and it was the best payoff in my life.
I signed up after a year on a dating site for russian women. Best money I have ever spent. I am engaged...gain, just not someone who compares to your ex, someone simply better.
For the women reading this is not to put you down, just to let the men know there is another reality to the pain and emotions of this change. And candidly when a sexy doctor makes $400/mo and has a choice of alcholic riussians you cant blame her for wanting to marry an "average joe" caring americain man of sincere love.

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