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Adult russian singles
If you are looking for a russian adult dating, majority of the site will feature adult video and photos, and of course sexy women who supposedly looking for something...
adult russian dating does not necessarily means PG-21, it also means dating with mature russian adults, mature russian women who are ready for serious relationship and marriage.
There are some qualities that symbolize adulthood in most cultures, including Russia:
Character Description
Self-control restraint, emotional control
Stability stable personality, strength
Independence ability to self-regulate
Seriousness ability to deal with life in a serious manner
Responsibility accountability, commitment and reliability
Method/Tact ability to think ahead and plan for the future, patience
Endurance ability and willingness to cope with difficulties that present themselves
Experience breadth of mind, understanding
Objectivity perspective and realism
Decision making capability as all of the above correspond to making proper decisions
Priorities Ability to determine what is necessary at that place and time

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North Korea/Russian Mobsters/Border Crossings/Dating a girl in a Burqa
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Russian Ladies ???

2011-12-29 06:55:04 by climbing30

Hello, I am teaching English in China and met a Russian music teacher. She's pretty and had a dinner date. She wanted to show me her place. So, we went back and I made out with her for a long time. Then after a few "you should go"s, got a cab.
I feel a bit grown up for a lot of the silly formalities of dating. Examples:
• She gave me her number with a mistake and I told a friend of...aid I would join them to where they're going. And she's making it sound like I'm tossing her to the curb.
I 42, I don't feel the need to play all the games of dating. "Do you like me? Fine Then we'll hang out and have a good time. Settled."
Sigh. I wasn't sure if it was a Russian thing, but it seems like hysterical emotional making big deals about nothing. Lady can't say she wants.

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